Case Study: Our ‘retailtainment’ operations with the mall Cap 3000

In 2017, the company Altarea, a French leader in property development, reached out to us as they were interested in setting up VR in one of their biggest malls in France. They came up with a marketing strategy involving VR as an entertainment asset for Cap 3000, a mall near Nice attracting 10 million visitors every year (2015). This strategy is since used by many property companies and called ‘retailtainment’.

The first operation took place during two weeks in July of 2017. We installed a Birdly during the first 3 days of the operation, then replaced by a simple VR set-up, with their large ‘Digital Wave’ screen showing what the users saw in the headset. During the whole operation, somewhere else in the mall, the visitors could try our VR Ride and VR water rowers. The goal of this operation was to have a more dynamic flow of visitors in the less visited areas of the mall and increase the revenues of these areas.

Cap 3000, July 2017

Cap 3000, July 2017

Cap 3000, July 2017

Cap 3000, July 2017

Another part of the strategy was to bring an innovative entertainment to the mall, giving a more modern and technology-driven image of the company and its network of malls. This kind of strategy is also valuable for the brands, increasing traffic and revenues for them.

As the first operation was a success, Altarea and Cap 3000 teams trusted us with two other operations during winter and spring holidays in 2018. The first one consisted in VR Pods with the experiences Life of Us, projected on the famous giant wave-like screen, and Fruit Ninja, and for the second we brought a VR Ride with the Rabbids roller-coaster experience and a VR Pod with kid-friendly content.

After the first operation, the management teams noticed that visitors came back to the mall for the VR experience, thanks to a survey submitted to the public. This particular location was chosen by the company since it is positioned as a high-end and family-oriented center, which is a perfect fit for our products. We submitted the perfect selection of kid-friendly experiences, that would also be impressive for adults and first-time VR viewers.

This collaboration was also a success for us since mk2 VR is not famous in the South of France, as we were mostly working in Paris at that time. The visitors mostly never tried VR before - except maybe with smartVR in their animation in that same mall.

Since then, we have had the chance to set up new operations with other malls in France: Bercy 2, Qwartz, Okabe (twice), Flins-sur-Seine and Créteil Soleil.

Feel free to contact us to set up a similar operation in your mall, for your corporate events or any other crazy innovative idea!

Créteil Soleil, 2018