Case Study: Promoting self-learning in virtual reality for Axa

In late 2018, we were contacted by Axa, the worldwide insurance-leader group, as they were organizing an event at their headquarters in Paris, about e-learning and playful formation for employees. They thought about virtual reality since they wanted to focus their event on self-learning and learning games.

We sat down with them and thought about a set of VR activities that could be physical, narrative and therapeutic for everyone. We chose together four experiences tackling three self-learning goals:

  • Getting out of one’s comfort zone, with a simulation of public speaking.
  • Stimulating one’s creativity and enhancing their imagination, with Tiltbrush by Google.
  • Use the collaborators’ bodies to achieve a goal, with Creed and The Climb.

Those activities were freely available on November 8th, 2018 at Axa’s offices for the employees, on three VR Pods and one VR Kiosk.

This event is a great example of how virtual reality is a good team-building and learning tool for a company: with VR, a company can bring together its employees with an innovative and fun activity. Learning experiences in VR can be created for a very specific and technical work environment but most VR games be used to work on creativity, audacity, stepping out of our comfort zones, share new emotions and bring a team together.


We can help you and your company set up collaborative and educational activities in VR for your next event: feel free to contact us!