mk2 VR: Diving into tomorrow’s cinema

In 2016, mk2 opened mk2 VR, the first permanent space entirely devoted to virtual reality, at mk2 Bibliothèque in Paris. Following two years of research and development, and with an investment of 1.5 million euros, mk2 entered the great and promising industry of virtual reality.

Conceived as a new culture and entertainment concept, mk2 VR marked the beginning of a new activity for the art-house cinema group. The idea of this social hub providing a collective experience was to offer an eclectic program that is faithful to the group’s editorial line (with content and experience including fiction, documentaries, video games, and simulations), along with exclusive content and sneak previews all year long. The mk2 VR brand launch at mk2 Bibliothèque was the first step in mk2’s move into virtual reality. As the mk2 VR gets close to its second birthday, we welcomed more than 100,000 visitors!

A few months later, mk2 announced its debut in the international distribution of virtual reality content, as mk2films&VR. In keeping with mk2’s experience in the distribution and production of movies, this catalog of virtual reality content conveys the ambition of promoting the worldwide distribution of singular virtual reality works. One year after the creation of mk2films&VR, the catalog includes more than 50 exclusive VR content

As you may know since you’re here, mk2’s latest move in the VR industry is the creation of the mk2 VR Pod, the best turnkey VR solution for professionals. As it is the most adapted solution for cinemas, location-based entertainment, museums, institutions and more, the VR Pod embodies mk2’s goal to become the first worldwide VR distribution network. When mk2 presented the VR Pod at SXSW festival, a first production of Pods had already been sold to premium partners around the world: you’ll discover those first VR spaces shortly, stay tuned…

As of now, mk2 is always looking for new partners and projects… Perhaps with you? Feel free to contact us!

© Léa Bordier

© Léa Bordier