VR Pod

The VR Pod is a simple, flexible, and compact VR solution. This slick structure can fit almost any location and it will impress your visitors with the multiple layouts and customizations you can create.

The VR Pod has been designed to be very easy to use, for both staff and visitors. All the technology you will need is inside and was carefully thought out to provide the best performance, and setting up is child’s play.

The VR Pod design comes from our experience of operations in the entertainment industry. It’s incredibly space efficient and the visitors’ autonomy makes it a breeze to manage and to keep the flow rolling!

  • Technical specifications

    Length 272 cm - 107 in

    Width 373 cm - 147 in

    Height 237 cm - 93 in

    Weight 200 kg - 441 lbs

    Space needed for operating 10m² - 108 sq ft

    Space needed for storage 5m² - 54 sq ft

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