Premium Content Subscription

Along with the mk2 VR Pod, mk2 collaborates with studios and independent creators to source premium VR experiences: movies, VR games, music, travel, art, animation, education, documentary, multi-player experiences, and more. It gives you access to VR Play, a curated and continuously evolving catalogue of content, containing various exclusive experiences, and enabling you to program the best immersive content to suit your audiences and the specificities of your venue.

Our VR Play Offer


We support you in your VR projects and pass on our knowledge from operating a VR space and having already set up more than 100 VR solutions around the world.

Our team combines event planning expertise, programming and producing VR content, operating locations around the globe, and many partners in the fascinating field of VR.

  • Event planning expertise

  • Programming and producing VR content

  • Operating locations around the globe


Since our VR Pod is easy to use and to set up, we can understand if you want to install it yourself.

However, if you want to be assisted, our team of heavy lifting experts can help you set up your VR space in no time, train your staff and support you in the beginning of your new activity.

Our VR Pods installed for a premium event in Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Paris, in April 2018

Our Birdly installed for a public event by Allianz, in July 2018, in Munich, Germany

VR setup for Fondation Bettencourt in Venice, September 2018

This Birdly and giant screen were part of a whole VR setup for a summer-long event in Cap 3000, a mall in Nice, France, during Summer 2017.


Just because you’re good to go doesn’t mean we won’t stay in touch. Our maintenance offer includes everything you need to rest assured: online support available anytime you need it, service technicians at your service for more major concerns, and a warranty for your technology.

  • Garanty for your technology

  • Service technicians at your service

  • Online support available anytime

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us!

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