I, Philip

  • Cinematic
  • Fiction

Director: Pierre Zandrowicz

Producers: Okio-Studio, Arte, Saint-George

Cast: Hélène Kuhn, Doug Rand, Dounia Sichov, Nathan Rippy

France / 2017

  • 12'
  • English
  • HTC Vive
    Oculus Rift
    Samsung Gear

In 2005, David Hanson, a young engineer in robotics, revealed his first android in human form, “Phil”. I, Philip immerses you in the memories of what could be the last love affair of writer Philip K. Dick who died 23 years ago. Or are these memories the fruit of the imagination of an android which learned, little by little, how to become a human?

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    “Immediately grabs your attention”

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