Jurassic Flight experience - Birdly®

  • Animation
  • Interactive

Producers: Somniacs

Switzerland / 2018

  • 2'
  • HTC Vive

“Jurassic Flight” is the newest Birdly experience. It invites you to embody a pterosaur, Kepodactylus, allowing you to fly amongst dinosaurs roaming the Earth during the Jurassic time period. People of all ages have been fascinated by the Dinosaur Era. Yet, to date, there is no real virtual reality experience that enables you to move freely in a virtual world that resembles the Late-Jurassic period. SOMNIACS (creators of Birdly) worked closely with paleontologists, scientific researchers and museum directors to create a Jurassic world that allows you to explore the flora, fauna and above all the dinosaurs existing 150 million years ago.

This experience is available only with the Birdly.