Life of Us

  • Multiplayer

Directors: Chris Milk & Aaron Koblin with music by Pharrell Williams

Producers: Within in collaboration with Annapurna Pictures & Unity

USA / 2017

  • 10'
  • Multiplayer
  • HTC Vive
    Oculus Rift

A billion years in 10 thrilling minutes.

Blow bubbles, breathe fire, survive the Ice Age, and soar over volcanos as you experience the point of view of different creatures and a billion years of evolution. Life of Us is neither a game nor a movie. It is a room-scale VR adventure you share with friends or even strangers as it tells the fantastic story of life on Earth.

Up to six players at a time have the freedom to move and interact within the path they choose, including “speaking” to one another in non-human voices. As an Engadget reviewer put it, “It feels like the difference between seeing a movie on your own, and seeing it right next to a friend. There’s room for connection, even when you’re wearing headsets and blind to the world.”